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Behind every Focenza item there is attention to quality,
creativity and design and the work of women and men who work hard every day to create a unique product with a 100% Italian style.

Underwear online: take a look at the colourful range by Focenza.

Focenza is an online underwear store that offers you - compared to all other underwear stores - items made in over 30 different bright and fashionable colours. The coloured garments you can find in our online underwear store are made with yarns that guarantee maximum ease of dyeing and good colourfastness. The uniformity of the colours of our many different products is guaranteed by the very composition of the garments so that the colour performance is maintained over time. 
For the dyeing of our seamless garments and underwear, we rely on OEKO-TEX® certified Italian dyers, mainly in the province of Mantua. 
The OEKO-TEX® certificate guarantees the complete absence of harmful substances and toxic dyes in our products. The yarns supplied by Italian manufacturers and the dyeing carried out by OEKO-TEX® certified companies ensure the total guarantee of all our seamless garments and underwear, which is totally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial, with 100% Made in Italy quality. 
Our range of online seamless underwear is available - as we have said - in many different colours and patterns, to satisfy everyone's personal taste: from classic white, black, blue, grey, to soft pink, lilac, cream, blush, sugared almond, blue, among many others. 
The many different fluorescent colours you can find in our online underwear store are perfect especially for summer and to make you look like something out of an eighties compilation revival:from orange to green, fuchsia to yellow and even fluorescent bubble, we guarantee you will not be able to resist them!
Take a look at all the colour shades available in our online underwear store now!

Sale of underwear online: choose made in Italy quality.

Focenza is an online underwear store that offers garments for women, men and children that are made entirely in Italy and are the result of the work of women and men who strive to create excellent, high-quality products every day.
Focenza is one of the few underwear stores that can boast a strictly Italian production chain, from the initial idea to all stages of production. It also uses accurate quality controls to guarantee the creation of seamless underwear garments for men, women and children with high-quality standards. Through constant research, always testing and trying new products, but also selecting high-quality raw materials and relying on certified manufacturers, the Focenza brand signs the 100% Made in Italy comfortable, functional and trendy seamless underwear.

Focenza seamless underwear online: comfort before anything else.

Using special circular machines, we produce totally seamless underwear: the only inserts of our online underwear are, in fact, the elastic in the leg band of the briefs, in addition to the straps and the armholes of the vests and tops. 
As for the composition, the basic items for men, women and kids that you can find in our online underwear store are composed almost entirely of polyamide.
We have chosen polyamide fibres because they guarantee great wear resistance and high elasticity; moreover, they are easy to dye and have good colourfastness, offering uniformity in yarn colouring. 
For the creation of some seamless underwear garments, we use polypropylene yarns that guarantee excellent breathability and support performance at the highest level.
Thanks to their particular composition and properties, Focenza underwear and fashion garments do not need ironing.
Take a look at all the products in our online underwear store and select those that best suit your needs!

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