The beginning of a great story

The "LUIGI DI FOCENZA" brand was founded in 1979: at that time, it was associated exclusively with the production of high-quality tights for an elite market. In the following years, the brand continued its diffusion, but it was only in 1983 that it came to life and materialized into a registered trademark in the hosiery and underwear sector. At that time its trademark was represented by an L and an F enclosed in a box with "LUIGI DI FOCENZA" written in gold underneath.


After considerable experience in the socks, tights and underwear sector, starting from the first years of the new millennium, the Luigi di Focenza brand took a new turn, specializing in the production of seamless underwear. It was precisely in this new field that the brand was at its best when it realised how this technology, once used only for the production of stockings and tights, when applied to clothing, could give life to an innovative, technological, dynamic product with great potential.

Seamless products are able to offer maximum comfort, fit and breathability as they are made with stretch and hypoallergenic fibres ideal for daily and frequent use.

Focenza has continued investing in innovation and good ideas even at a particularly critical time for the Italian and international markets, always having great consideration for the human factor of the company.

The people who work in Focenza are its true heart, and it is precisely in order to preserve this great added value that the company has taken important decisions aimed at protecting what it considers to be a distinguishing feature compared to its competitors. Focenza has chosen to maintain a strictly Italian supply chain, protecting the quality of its products, but also the work of many professionals: all this has led to progressive and important growth of the brand both in Italy and abroad.

This continuous evolution has also led to the restyling of the brand which is now more dynamic, colourful, direct and able to represent the new spirit of Focenza products.



Focenza is always at the forefront both in terms of products and quality, the technology and certifications of the yarns it uses, that's why it can boast multiple production lines:


Where style meets desire



The enthusiasm, dynamism and positive response from the market led to the desire to open single-brand stores, initially on the Veneto coast, and later in other tourist areas of Italy and abroad. The colour, the contrast between the shades of a format that repeats itself in every point of sale have made our product lines recognizable and appreciated.


“ Focenza has always claimed that enthusiasm, passion, dynamism and seriousness in production are the recipe for a quality product destined to become part of the lives of more and more people. ”



Choosing a Focenza garment means relying on the guarantee of quality of a product entirely made in Italy manufactured with the exclusive seamless technology: an innovation that has made Focenza the protagonist of a small, but great revolution in the production of underwear.