High technical performance

Increasingly attentive to the evolution of yarns and technologies, Focenza produces high-quality sportswear always at a competitive price. Focenza ensures us maximum comfort thanks to the total absence of seams on its garments designed to follow our every movement and allow freedom of movement in all sports activities.The variety of models and the possibility of choosing them in a wide range of colours, contribute to creating the perfect garment for any performance.


Focenza uses Dryarn in the production of its sportswear, a yarn with high technical performance, characterized by extreme elasticity, resistant to frequent washing and wear.Dryarn is the lightest yarn in nature, it does not retain water and therefore sweat, it always stays dry and gives the wearer a sensation of total freshness. Dryarn, in fact, captures water particles and takes them outside the fabric, guaranteeing hygiene to the body and preventing the formation of body odour.


In addition to this extraordinary fabric, Focenza offers the Carbon line, designed for aerobic sports and all activities in which physical exercise is pushed to high intensities: the carbon fiber of the fabrics is a valuable ally against the formation of lactic acid in the muscles.


The new Focenza line created with Breeze yarns guarantees garments with an exclusive refreshing effect that are extremely soft to the touch.A sports line made ultra-light and breathable by the special construction of the yarn that gives the garment a soft touch and creates a special "active" ventilation both during and after physical activity.

Breeze garments are suitable for any type of training, but are particularly suitable during the hot season and indoors because they maintain body temperature one degree lower than traditional fibers, ensuring breathability and a feeling of extreme well-being.

The Focenza Sport lines, designed for physical activity, are ideal in all those moments when we want to feel particularly comfortable, for sport or passion.


The history

The "LUIGI DI FOCENZA" brand was founded in 1979: at that time, it was associated exclusively with the production of high-quality tights for an elite market.